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Sustainable, GMP-compliant, Halal and Kosher certified food & feed additives
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About us

Why Flevo Chemie?

  • Established in 1984, Flevo Chemie has consistently championed sustainable practices, positioning the well-being of the planet, humans, and animals at the core of our operations. Through R&D, safety measures, and compliance checks, we’ve remained at the forefront of our industry.
  • With facilities across Europe and China, we are the go-to source for chemicals, food additives, and ingredients. Our expansive product range includes, but is not limited to, intermediates, chemicals, food ingredients, both natural and synthetic, and advanced mixing installations.

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Supply of chemicals and food & feed additives / ingredients

Our offerings are diverse and all-encompassing. We supply intermediates, food additives (whether natural or synthetic), and chemicals. Additionally, we boast our own dry blending installations and a liquid solution plant. Flevo Chemie ensures you have everything within reach. Our considerable inventory guarantees the availability of high-quality products.

Our USP's

Production And Distribution

As a trusted partner in the industry, Our expertise lies in production, formulation, and distribution..

Worldwide Shipping

Backed by a dedicated team and global supply chain for industry insights and consistent delivery of top-tier ingredients.


Premier Ingredients

We supply quality vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and more.

Local Expertise in China

Our office in China aids in conducting business with manufacturers on a local level, offering quick and efficient solutions, and providing advice tailored to individual market dynamics.

Additionele USP’s

  • Sustainability & Innovation:
    Committed to eco-friendly solutions, Flevo Chemie champions sustainable products and sources from renewable materials like organic sugar cane.
  • Certified Excellence:
    Our products adhere to the highest safety standards, with certifications such as FSSC 22000, GMP PLUS, BRC broker, and halal/kosher.
  • Integrated Facilities:
    State-of-the-art infrastructure allows seamless dissolving and mixing installations, optimizing operations for our clients.
  • Custom Solutions:
    Recognizing unique business needs, we provide tailor-made chemical solutions and products for diverse sectors.
  • Longstanding Legacy:
    Established in 1984, our rich history in the chemical domain attests to our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation.
  • One-Stop Supplier:
    From chemicals to food additives, we cater to an extensive range of requirements from our global locations.
  • Ethical Practices:
    We uphold ethical and sustainable practices, with a focus on the health of the planet, people, and animals.
  • Dedicated Customer Service:
    we guarantee unparalleled product quality, valuable industry insights, and unwavering customer support.
Our Facilities

Dissolving installations and mixing installations

With our liquidizing equipment, you can mix with just one installation. Dissolving installation at the time of production saves you time and money. Mixing also only takes one facility if you buy powder mixtures, powders or liquids/liquids. Dissolving and mixing installation is available to save your company time and money.

With Flevo Chemie, you can find everything you need in one place. Please browse through our wide selection of coatings, food additives, food ingredients, vitamins, or visit us to see our warehouse and dissolving installations and mixing installations.

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